CJ Cooke

Thank you so much for coming along to check out my website.

I’ve had a strange journey through life which has led me to this point. But maybe that’s a good thing. It’s definitely given me a lot to write about.

I live in England with my husband, Ross (he gets very annoyed if I don’t tell people his name for some reason), and our son. We have an angry cat who likes to lure you in with his cuteness before he strikes. Generally, he’s found outside our house trying to tempt the neighbourhood children to pet him at their own peril.

My background is actually in law and I spent over a decade working in the corporate world and hating every second of it. What can I say? It seemed like a good idea when I was told at 16 that I needed to choose what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Needless to say, it was not.

Books and reading have always been my life. They were the place I always sought refuge through the hard times. There’s nothing like falling into another world when you need an escape, even if just for a moment. My mum always jokes that she should have known I’d be a writer because I’d read the back of the cereal packet when I was a kid and had nothing else on hand (I actually have memories of doing exactly this).

I wrote my first book basically in secret. I didn’t tell anyone about it. I didn’t even tell my husband until I was nearly the whole way through. It was something I’d always wanted to do and even attempted on multiple occasions but this time around, an idea popped into my head and I couldn’t stop until Destiny Awakened was born from it. Then, and I definitely do not recommend that you do this, I uploaded it to Amazon’s self-publishing platform on a bit of a whim and waited to see what happened. I was surprised when someone read it and then a couple more people picked it up. I made a bit of money, and I wrote the next one. The ball rolled from there and I picked up friends in the book community, I learnt the proper way to launch a book and now I’m sitting here writing a bio for my website because this is now my full-time job.

I’ve been so incredibly blessed to be able to make this journey and I have so many plans for the future. There are so many more worlds and stories in my head that I cannot wait to get down on paper. So I suppose the way to close this would be with a ‘watch this space’ and let’s see where this crazy ride takes us next.