The Arcane: Part One


I had a life once, but in one moment of madness, it was stolen from me. 

Now, an animal prowls inside of me. A forgotten creature just like those I work with. 

We are The Arcane. 

We hunt those that hurt the innocent. The monsters that break out of the shadows. 

One of those monsters has turned its eye to Forest Hills Academy. 

It hunts the students. And as the school attempts to cover up the danger, no one is protecting them.

I came to the school to find the murderer but found so much more.

Three men. Three troubled pasts. And an undeniable connection. 

My pain calls out to them, and it might finally be time to accept that I need saving myself.

But the monster still stalks the darkness, and it’s nothing I’ve ever seen before. 

This is a fight I can’t back down from. I refuse to lose one more student, or the men who call to my fractured heart.