Wolf Hunts

My parents knew we’d be hunted because of what I am—an impossibility, a hybrid, an abomination. So they planned for the worst, and we needed it. 

I knew it wouldn’t be easy trying to start a new life for myself and my little brother. Grieving wasn’t on the cards for me, not when I had him to protect. We may have had the safe house my parents set up, but now we were alone. It was all down to me.

It was supposed to be safe here. It was supposed to just be us. But then the wolf pack found us. Three impossible men drew me in. And no matter what my head was screaming; my heart and body wanted them too.

I can’t tell the guys my secret.

I can’t risk my brother’s safety.

But I also can’t seem to say no…

Reader warning: this book contains explicit scenes and briefly deals with themes that some readers may find triggering. This is a reverse harem book with adult content and is intended for 18+ readers only.